Storehouse West

Storehouse West is one of the organizations that West Mesa Christian Church supports with local outreach—with donations of non-perishable food and with monetary support.

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Established in 1992, Storehouse West is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), community-supported agency providing food, children's clothing and hygiene supplies to families, seniors, and individuals experiencing short-term and long-term need.

Storehouse West annually distributes the equivalent of 250,000 meals to about 16,000 people. Non-perishable items are donated by churches, service organizations, schools and residents who bring food and also donate to the Letter Carriers and other food drives throughout the year. The amount of food provided for those in need depends upon the household size and age of children in a household. Food includes both perishable and non-perishable items. With funding from FEMA and United Way, private and government grants, and importantly, from individual, charitable and corporate donations, they are able to maintain operations and supplement clients’ food supplies with milk, eggs, bread, produce, and meat. Personal hygiene items are also included when available.

For the past two years (2016 and 2017), West Mesa Christian Church has been the biggest contributor of non-perishable food by weight to Storehouse West. We are on track, this year, to donate 2 tons of food.

HopeWorks (formally St. Martin’s Hospitality Center)

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In months that have a 5th Sunday, West Mesa Christian Church members provide the meal for the clients of HopeWorks. HopeWorks was founded in 1985 as St. Martin’s Hospitality Center by members and clergy of local Episcopal churches. Along the way, other churches began to help with the mission of caring for Albuquerque’s homeless population, and now, HopeWorks operates as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization.

In addition to providing food on a daily basis to clients, HopeWorks offers many other programs. The HopeWorks Housing Department provides a variety of rental assistance programs. Programs range from one-time emergency assistance and short term assistance to permanent rental assistance.

Behavioral Health Services is designed to facilitate a supportive and clinically appropriate transition into the behavioral health programs. The Screening/Referral specialist initially meets with potential clients to gather basic information and offer suggestions as to what resources might meet individual client needs.

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HopeWorks Susan B. Sager Day Shelter is the main entry way for people experiencing homelessness. The shelter offers: 3 meals a day, Monday through Friday, and breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays; a clothing room allowing clients to “shop” for items they need; access to short and long term storage for belongings; a mail room at which homeless clients can receive their mail; and showers offered daily—and toiletries are provided when showering.

Behavioral Health Services include outreach, recovery programs, mental health services, and a therapy center. Dismas House (males) and Covenant House (females) offer transitional living facilities for folks exiting prison.

Employment Services including job development services that include everything from resume writing to interview skill training, hygiene, haircuts and transportation when necessary. Also included are Hope Café, Street Sweeper Program and A Better Way Panhandling Program.

One Meal One Day Program is the program that West Mesa Christian Church is an active partner in, by providing that one meal on 5th Sundays.

In addition to providing that meal, as part of our weekly outreach, West Mesa Christian Church support HopeWorks financially.

The new name adopted recently, reflects HopeWorks commitment to inclusivity and is indicative of the many programs, acts and deeds performed there on a daily basis. Offering not just hope but the works that inevitably lead to positive results for individuals and our community.


Serving the homeless and near homeless breakfast at St. Martins