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Mission Statement of West Mesa Christian Church

As part of the church on earth, this congregation seeks to be an open loving family of Christ’s disciples, bearing witness to God's love expressed through the teachings of Jesus Christ.

We accept the responsibility:

  • of nurturing the spiritual and personal growth of the individual and the church family in the ongoing process of Christianity;

  • of maintaining an open and welcoming spirit to diverse persons, views and lifestyles;

  • of encouraging, developing and utilizing the talents and gifts of those who choose to be a part of this congregation;

  • of serving the varied needs of all; and

  • of promoting the growth of today's church through outreach and personal witness.

We seek to be concerned for, informed about and responsive to the life and issues of our world.  Through love, we are united in the common pursuit of the knowledge and Spirit of God.


About the christian church (disciples of christ)

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is part of the protestant tradition, offering freedom for people in their personal faith journey, viewing Christianity as an experience of discovery rather than adherence to a creed or rules. It seeks direction from the Scriptures and finds in the teachings and life of Jesus Christ a guide for meaningful living. It affirms the conviction of our Christian heritage that all people are children of God, to be loved and valued. Central to its worship is an open communion table to which all Christians are welcome. It is committed to cooperation among churches and works enthusiastically across denominational lines. We invite you to become part of a faith tradition that is rational, relevant, vital, and challenging!

If you are looking for a place to celebrate your faith, to nurture your hopes, and to support you in your living, we invite you to join us at West Mesa Christian Church!